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Guaranteed Sale Program

A Guaranteed Sale Program is the best way to sell your house fast.

You agree on a price and deadline, and if it doesn’t go through with my marketing efforts then I will foot the bill!

If we don’t make our deadline or strike a deal on price- I’ll pay you!

This not a program in which I want to invest in properties. You see, It has been my experience that when it comes to investing in properties or real estate–the county courthouse steps are always a good place for me!

Instead, this is a program to give you surety and certainty that your home is going to sell.

The program I’m talking about will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is going to sell.

Plus, it forces me into being one step ahead on marketing since there’s no way for buyers and sellers alike if they don’t know whether or not their homes are actually available.

And also when people put their homes on sale today – they want it gone!

It’s tough to be stuck when your home’s not being sold.

You can’t make future plans, you can’t take that other job just because your current home is preventing it from happening.

With the economy being what it is, buyers are more hesitant than ever to buy homes before they’ve seen all of their options. The market has changed drastically and nobody knows how long this will last for but if you’re lucky enough to find someone who wants your house right now then good news!

There may be an opportunity out there just waiting with programs designed specifically around helping homeowners like yourself get top dollar when selling their homes in tough markets- just like the guaranteed sale program.

When you’re thinking about selling your home, I bet it also pays at least to know what the guaranteed sell price would look like.

Let me give you what we think that’s going to happen for top of the market homes , and also the other prices which I can guarantee it will sell for.

One more thing: You’ll never be under any obligation to list your home or even sell it.

So, if the home sits on your market for 60 days in our guaranteed sale program and you decide not to sell it at that price then we won’t buy it.

We are simply looking out for what is best suited towards getting as much money from this transaction while still keeping everyone’s interest intact- including yours!

That’s why we do expert photos and videos, targeted marketing through social media platforms like Facebook to make sure that your property sells for the best price.

Interested in getting the Guaranteed Sale Program? Click the calendar link below or call us 859.721.2200