September 2023 Lexington Real Estate Market Update: Insights into This Month's Market Dynamics

The real estate landscape of September 2023 has thrown some intriguing figures our way. While at first glance they may seem surprising, they reflect underlying trends that we've been observing over the year, predominantly driven by inventory fluctuations.

This year, up till September, Lexington saw 3,099 new listings. When compared to the 4,014 new listings of 2022, we've witnessed a reduction of 915. This significant decrease is almost mirrored in the sales figures. Sales have registered at 25.88% year-to-date, a drop from the 34.84% of last year, accounting for a difference of nearly 896.

Currently, we're seeing approximately a month's worth of inventory. What's behind this trend? A major contributing factor is the low interest rates of the past few years. Many homeowners locked in rates in the 3% range. With current interest rates hovering near 8%, up from 6% last year, this constitutes a substantial hike in just a year.

However, every cloud has a silver lining. Despite these market fluctuations, sales prices have experienced an upward trajectory. The value appreciation stands at about 5% year over year. This increase indicates that despite the market's unpredictability, property values are holding steady and even witnessing appreciation.

Interestingly, many prospective homeowners are leveraging this period to their advantage. By tapping into substantial equity—often more than they ever imagined—they're placing significant down payments on properties. With lesser competition and potential for discounted prices, this strategy counterbalances the recent spike in interest rates, making property acquisition more feasible.

Moreover, the market now favors properties that are both aesthetically pleasing and appropriately priced. While just a year or two ago, almost any property, irrespective of its condition, would sell at a premium, we're now seeing a shift. Homes that demand renovations and are overpriced are lingering longer on the market. This adjustment suggests a certain stabilization in market expectations.

As we anticipate the shifts of the coming winter, there's speculation that these elevated interest rates are here to stay. But amidst these forecasts, one thing remains certain: movement in the market persists, and homes continue to change hands.

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