Savor Locally-Sourced Delights at The Chef's Secret Dinner Series - A Keeneland Crafted Event

Every food enthusiast knows that nothing can beat the appeal of locally-sourced food and the thrill of discovering new flavors in unexpected places. This month, Keeneland presents a culinary experience that caters to this exact craving – The Chef's Secret Dinner Series, a part of the Keeneland Crafted Event.

Held at the picturesque 4201 Versailles Road, Lexington, KY 40510, this event promises an intimate dining experience, carefully curated for those who enjoy fine dining in a laid-back, familial atmosphere.

A Fresh Take on Farm-to-Table Dining

The Chef's Secret Dinner Series is a farm-to-table dining experience unlike any other. Every dish is a celebration of locally-sourced ingredients and the art of preparing them. Crafted cocktails accompanying the meals are not just drinks, but a journey through local flavors, designed to complement the cuisine on offer.

Every dinner is hosted in a unique and unexpected location within Keeneland's sprawling grounds. The element of surprise adds to the charm, with each dinner bringing new experiences, new surroundings, and a fresh array of dishes to taste.

A Symphony of Senses

A key component of the Chef's Secret Dinner Series is the accompanying live music. Local musicians and bands add a musical backdrop to the dining experience, infusing an extra layer of enchantment to these dinners. A soothing symphony under the Kentucky stars – it's the perfect way to dine.

Discover the Magic of Keeneland Crafted Events

The Chef's Secret Dinner Series is just a glimpse into what Keeneland Crafted Events have to offer. Known for curating experiences that are intimate and exquisite, Keeneland's events bring together art, culture, and luxury. Whether you're a resident or a tourist, these events are a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the local culture and discover the beautiful city of Lexington, KY.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the Chef's Secret Dinner Series. Check out our event calendar for details about the upcoming dinners.

If you missed the dinner today, join us on August 23rd, as we again embark on a culinary adventure that pushes the boundaries of dining, celebrating the local flavors of Lexington, KY, and delivering an experience you won't forget. Secure your spot and be part of this delightful tradition – The Chef's Secret Dinner Series at Keeneland.

Here's to an evening filled with delightful surprises, the company of fellow food enthusiasts, and the enjoyment of locally-sourced cuisine. Cheers to a memorable night at Keeneland!

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