Is Your Home Estimate Accurate? Think Again!

Here's the truth: tools like Zillow might not be as spot-on as you think.

Zillow bases its estimates on local sales data which might not always include homes from your specific neighborhood or community. This can make a big difference in gauging your home's true value. Moreover, Zillow doesn't have a firsthand view of your home's unique features – from the latest upgrades you’ve incorporated to those chic renovations.

Why not let a professional from New Home Collective step in?

Our agents consider multiple crucial factors when evaluating your home's worth:

  • Home's dimensions
  • Overall condition
  • Recent upgrades and renovations
  • Unique features
  • Community vibes
  • Lifestyle accommodations
  • And any other elements that could swing its value.

Remember, while tools like Zillow provide estimates, and agents offer suggestions, your home's real value is what a buyer is willing to pay. Our goal is to get as close to that optimal price as possible. And just so you know, New Home Collective helps our sellers achieve an impressive 99.8% of their asking price on average.

Eager to learn what your home is truly worth? Schedule a meeting with our experts. Simply fill out the form and we'll be right with you.

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