Greyline Station Block Party

As the sun sets on 101 West Loudon Avenue in Lexington, KY, the festive atmosphere of the Greyline Station Block Party takes over the city. An event that is as vibrant as the community that hosts it, this monthly fiesta is a beacon of joy, fun, and connection every first Friday.

A free-to-attend party for our beloved local community, each Block Party at Greyline Station promises a unique experience. With every month featuring a different theme, there is always something new to explore and enjoy.

The block parties are not just about entertainment; they are a celebration of Lexington’s local businesses. Inside the historic Greyline Station, more than 50 small businesses open their doors wide for visitors. From delightful deals and exquisite food options to creative cocktails, there’s so much waiting to tantalize your senses! Dive into a rich local culture where business owners share their passion and craft with their community. Discover more about what our local businesses have to offer.

The fun doesn't stop there. They invite vendors from all over the state to set up pop-up shops for the evening. Whether you’re looking to buy, browse, or simply experience Kentucky’s entrepreneurial spirit, the vendor market is a must-visit!

At Greyline Station, we understand that a community thrives when its youngest members are happy. Every Block Party features a variety of kids' activities designed to be fun, engaging, and safe. Expect everything from inflatables to face painting and more! Learn more about this month's children's activities.

As night falls, the air vibrates with the beat of music from our talented local DJs. Let loose and bring your best dance moves – it's a perfect opportunity to enjoy the music, embrace the vibe, and make some amazing memories. Find out who is spinning the decks at our next DJ showcase.

Looking to get more involved? Check out how to support this awesome community event and make a difference here. Whether you’re a Lexington local, a Kentucky resident, or a visitor from afar, the Greyline Station Block Party is an event you don't want to miss.

Experience the unity, enjoy the excitement, and above all, become a part of our vibrant community at the Greyline Station Block Party. See you every 1st Friday there!

*blog photo from Greyline Station

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