Event: Tea Tuesday at Waveland

Welcome to our special weekly feature, "Tea Tuesday at Waveland" – a unique event held at the Waveland State Historic Site in Lexington, Kentucky, that combines the elegance of a traditional tea service with the rich history of this remarkable mansion. As you sip on your tea, you'll feel transported back to a time when tea was a daily ritual, an event to look forward to, and an excuse to dress up and indulge.

Every Tuesday at 2 p.m., the mansion comes alive with the aroma of freshly brewed tea and delectable culinary offerings served in three delightful courses. Begin with the savory course that whets your appetite and sets the stage for what's to come. Next, savor the warm and flaky scones that are the epitome of British tea tradition. Finally, end your tea journey with the dessert course, a sweet finale that leaves your taste buds satisfied.

The tea is served by period-dressed interpreters, who add an element of authenticity to the entire experience. Dressed in attire true to the period, they enrich your tea experience while providing insights into the history and traditions of the era.

After your tea, step into the pages of history with a tour of the Waveland Mansion. Explore the grandeur of this historic site, hear stories of its past, and get an inside look into life during a bygone era. Each room tells a tale, and our interpreters are more than eager to share them with you.

Reservations for Tea Tuesday at Waveland are required, and spots tend to fill quickly. Don't miss out on this unique Lexington, KY, experience. Call us today at 859-272-3611 to schedule your visit until November 7, 2023 only. 

Let's share a cup of tea steeped in history. 

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