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Confused About What’s Going on in the Housing Market? Lean on a Professional | New Home Collective

With the turbulent housing market, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to know what’s going on. But with sensationalized headlines around every corner, understanding the truth behind real estate can be a tall order! Jay Thompson – Real Estate Industry Consultant explains:

Housing market headlines are everywhere. Many are quite sensational, ending with exclamation points or predicting impending doom for the industry. Clickbait, the sensationalizing of headlines and content, has been an issue since the dawn of the internet, and housing news is not immune to it.

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“It’s like we’ve accidentally stumbled into some kind of apocalypse-style clickbait tournament!”

With the media in an ever-changing state of confusion, it’s easy for us to become enveloped with fear and uncertainty. According to Jason Lewris from Parcl, this creates a market where decisions are made not on facts but rather anxiety – leading many potential buyers astray.

How to avoid confusion?

When it comes to purchasing or selling a home, it’s easy for confusion and myths to slide in through the headlines. So how can you make sure that decision is one filled with confidence? Lean on an experienced real estate advisor! They’ll break down fact from fiction using trustworthy data and provide insights into what trends are actually normal cycles of industry shifts versus national news stories.

Working with a real estate agent is the best way to go when you’re ready to unlock life changing potential by making your move. An agent will give you everything needed – from up-to-date national trends and market insight, right down to local data for comparison so that together, an informed decision can be made about what’s best for YOU!

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Stay informed about the real estate market with expert advice from experienced professionals. Don’t get left behind – connect today and make sure you always have answers to your housing questions!

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