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3 Best Practices for Selling Your House This Year

A new year is the perfect time to embark on life-changing adventures! If you’re planning a move, it can be super exciting but also daunting. To make sure your next home lives up to its potential and that you feel ready when the big day arrives, keep these three best practices in mind for smooth sailing throughout the relocation process.

1. Price Your Home Right

It’s not a seller’s market anymore! After mortgage rates spiked and buyer demand softened in 2022, home sellers needed to adjust their expectations about prices. To ensure your house sells quickly now, make sure you price it realistically with the current conditions of the real estate market in mind. Greg McBride, Chief Financial Analyst at Bankrate, explains:

“Price your home realistically. This isn’t the housing market of April or May, so buyer traffic will be substantially slower, but appropriately priced homes are still selling quickly.”

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When it comes to pricing your home, walking the tightrope between too high and too low can be a tricky feat. An experienced real estate agent is like having an expert trapeze artist by your side – helping you find that sweet spot for maximum return on investment!

2. Keep Your Emotions in Check

Homeowners are committing for the long haul, proving that a house isn’t just shelter – it’s home sweet home! According to NAR data from 1985 and beyond, average ownership of one property has skyrocketed by 10 years. A cozy abode truly is worth settling down in.

We’ve seen people staying in their homes longer and longer as the years go by. While that can be a great thing, it also means there are all sorts of emotions tied up with each room, corner and cupboard – making moving on more difficult than ever! Home isn’t just where you hang your hat anymore: now, it’s an emotional safe haven filled with cherished memories too valuable to let slip away.

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Homeowners can often get tied up in sentimentality when it comes to selling their home, making negotiation unnecessarily difficult. That’s why having a professional real estate agent on your side is key – they’ll ensure the transaction goes off without any bumps or bruises caused by too many heartfelt memories.

3. Stage Your Home Properly

Your home’s decor may be a reflection of you, but when it comes time to sell your space, making sure that first impression is one potential buyers will love can mean the difference between an offer and no takers. Get creative – give cues from what makes your house unique while still keeping all design decisions universally appealing! As NAR says:

“Staging is the art of preparing a home to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers in your market. The right arrangements can move you into a higher price-point and help buyers fall in love the moment they walk through the door.”

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Buying a house isn’t just about the structure – it’s also about creating an environment to call home. For buyers, that means picturing their own furniture and souvenirs in place of yours! A real estate expert can help you craft your space into an inviting haven for prospective purchasers – so you can snag yourself some sold signs soon enough.

Bottom Line

Selling your home doesn’t need to be a stressful process. Let’s connect, so we can make sure you have all the help and guidance needed for navigating through it with ease! Together, let’s prioritize these best practices – mission accomplished.

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