25 Ways to Enhance Curb Appeal on a Budget—Under $100!

Creating a stunning first impression doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 25 creative and affordable ideas to boost your home's curb appeal for under $100!

1. Refresh Mailbox:

A mailbox makeover with bright, fresh paint and new numbers makes an immediate impact.

2. Upgrade Door Knobs:

Replacing outdated doorknobs and handles provides an instant facelift.

3. Install New House Numbers:

Choose stylish, visible numbers to make your home easily identifiable.

4. Add Window Boxes:

Window boxes filled with vibrant flowers breathe life into your facade.

5. Plant Perennials:

Perennials are cost-effective, providing beauty year after year.

6. Invest in Outdoor Lighting:

Solar-powered lights highlight your home's architecture and landscaping.

7. Paint the Front Door:

A bold front door color makes a memorable statement.

8. Install a New Doormat:

Welcome guests with a stylish and inviting doormat.

9. Decorate with Seasonal Decor:

Seasonal wreaths and decor celebrate the time of year, adding charm and festivity.

10. Clean and Repair Gutters:

Well-maintained gutters show that you care for your home.

11. Replace or Paint Light Fixtures:

Updated exterior lighting enhances the overall aesthetic.

12. Pressure Wash Exterior:

Remove grime and mildew for a clean, polished appearance.

13. Touch-Up Trim Paint:

Fresh trim paint neatly frames your home.

14. Add Shutters:

Shutters offer a classic look while providing contrast and depth.

15. Create a Pathway:

Use stepping stones or gravel for an inviting garden path.

16. Install Window Film:

Decorative window film adds privacy and appeal.

17. Maintain the Lawn:

Regular mowing and edging create a tidy and cared-for look.

18. Add a Bench or Seating:

Small outdoor furniture invites relaxation and enjoyment.

19. Incorporate Mulch:

Fresh mulch is an inexpensive way to define garden beds and landscaping.

20. Arrange Potted Plants:

Group potted plants and flowers for a burst of color and greenery.

21. Hang a Porch Swing:

A small, inexpensive porch swing creates an inviting atmosphere.

22. Use Decorative Stone Accents:

Stone veneer or accents add rustic elegance.

23. Create DIY Garden Art:

Craft unique garden decor from recycled or inexpensive materials.

24. Install a Bird Feeder or Bath:

Attract local wildlife while enhancing your garden’s liveliness.

25. Tidy Up:

Sometimes, simply decluttering and organizing your front space makes the biggest difference.

Boosting your home's curb appeal doesn’t require a hefty investment. With these 25 ideas under $100, you can significantly enhance your property’s appearance and charm without straining your wallet. Dive into these projects and watch your home transform!

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