Blaire Sophiea
Blaire Sophiea
Office: (859) 721-2127
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License: 285195

Blaire Sophiea is a licensed real estate agent and the Operations Manager at the New Home Collective, where she leads the operations team responsible for handling transactions from contract to close and managing listings.

With a reputation for being prompt, efficient, and highly knowledgeable, Blaire combines her expertise with a personable and charismatic approach to provide exceptional service to her clients. As the head of the operations team, she ensures that every transaction is handled with precision and attention to detail.

Blaire's commitment and steadfastness are evident in her role as she manages the entire process, from coordinating with buyers, sellers, and agents to ensuring all necessary paperwork and legalities are in order. Her strong communication skills and reliability make her a trusted point of contact throughout the entire real estate journey.

In addition to her role as an Operations Manager, Blaire is a licensed real estate agent, allowing her to offer comprehensive assistance to clients. Her extensive knowledge of the market and industry trends helps her guide clients in making informed decisions.

Whether you're buying or selling a property, Blaire Sophiea is the dedicated professional you can trust. Contact her today to experience her exceptional service and expertise in managing transactions and listings for a smooth and successful real estate experience.



It was awesome working with Cam and Blaire, they were able to find the perfect place and they communicated effectively with my mortgage lender. I am pleased. - Seth Bailey
Seth Bailey
I had the good fortune to work with Blaire and Bob. What I really like about working with them is their level of communication, and their agents are top-notch! - Aaron Marsh
Aaron Marsh
They are Diligent, Responsive, and overall wonderful to work with. I am looking forward to working with Blaire Sophiea on finding our dream home! - Angela Garvin 
Angela Garvin
The way they build their relationship with their clients is completely unreal. It's fantastic! I highly recommend them! - Leanne Morgan
Leanne Morgan
We absolutely love working with them; they are the best of the best! Anytime we have to do any one of their closings, it always goes smoothly. - Leslie Pearson 
Leslie Pearson
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